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Additional Loan Products

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Additional Loan Products

At Armstrong Bank, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction in our communities by providing a complete menu of financial products. These additional products and services ensure your satisfaction and convenience by serving as helpful complements to any loan. 

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GAP Insurance

You just financed a new car purchase. What if your new car gets totaled in an accident, leaving you with a loan balance higher than the fair market value? Protect your investment with GAP Insurance. Known as “Guaranteed Asset Protection”, this coverage protects you from financial loss by covering the difference between what your insurance company will pay when there is a total loss claim and the remaining balance of your vehicle loan.


Extended Service

Car repairs can be expensive, and they are almost always unexpected. Plan ahead with an extended service contract from Armstrong Bank. This coverage goes into effect after your vehicle manufacturer's warranty expires. Instead of facing out-of-pocket costs, your extended service contract will pay for repairs on your vehicle that are covered under the purchased plan.


Credit Life Insurance

Don't leave your family burdened with paying off a mortgage, line of credit, or car loan in the event of your untimely death. A credit life insurance policy offers protection by paying off a remaining loan balance after the borrower’s death.


Accident & Health (A&H)

Life is full of surprises. If you find yourself dealing with a temporary disability, the last thing you want to worry about is making loan payments. Accident & Health is an insurance product that is sold in conjunction with a loan. If the insured becomes disabled, the A&H insurance will make loan payments during the time he or she is disabled.


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Armstrong Bank is a family-oriented bank with a long tradition of serving the people of Oklahoma and Arkansas. We strive to exceed your expectations with prompt, friendly, and professional customer service. Our bankers live and work in the same communities we serve. We are proud to be part of your neighborhood and honored to use our local expertise to help our customers achieve their financial goals. To learn more about the additional loan products we offer, visit one of our locations.