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Looking for investments with secure, guaranteed returns? Our business certificate of deposit accounts offer fixed interest rates and flexible terms, from 91 days to 5 years. Automatically-renewing CDs have a penalty-free, 10-day grace period after the maturity date for withdrawals, additions to the CDs, or changes in terms.

Armstrong Bank proudly serves local businesses in Oklahoma and Arkansas. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from a variety of industries, and we put our experience to work for your business. To open a reliable, FDIC-insured business CD and start working toward your goals, visit one of our convenient banking locations today.


Benefits of Business CD Savings

  • Guaranteed Return on Investment: Regardless of market performance, your CD account will grow at the interest rate you locked in when you opened the account.
  • FDIC-Insured: Like all our deposit accounts, business CDs are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.
  • Choose a term that works for you: From short to long term, choose the period you can commit to leaving your money alone. Generally, the longest terms are associated with the highest rates.
  • Prepare for a specific goal or season: Putting your savings in a certificate of deposit gives you a deadline to prepare for a big purchase or to save for a slow time of year.
  • Low-to-no fees: Unlike an investment account, there are usually no maintenance fees on a CD account. An early withdrawal fee may apply if you take out money before the maturation date, but you can avoid penalties if you leave the CD alone for the entire term.


Business Savings Account vs. Business CD

Which type of savings is best for your business? Often, the answer is both a regular savings account and a CD. Once you build up a cushion in your Business Savings Account, you can put some of it into a business CD for higher rates and the other benefits mentioned above. In the meantime, you will still have your savings account if you need extra cash.


Open a Business CD today!

At Armstrong Bank, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction in our communities by providing a complete suite of financial products and services to best fit your business needs. In short, we want to exceed your expectations every time you visit us. We are also proud to be part of the local business community, and the deposits you make with us will be reinvested back into our local economy. Contact us or visit your nearest Armstrong Bank location in Oklahoma or Arkansas.