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Check Card Fraud Alert System

Armstrong Bank takes pride in providing our customers with cutting edge fraud monitoring. The Check Card fraud alert system brings greater convenience to all customers with the addition of text alerts. This system increases functionality by notifying users via text and automated phone calls about potential fraud. Users can confirm or deny that fraudulent activity has occurred directly through this system and be connected with a fraud analyst if necessary.


sms text: 32874

The Fraud Center will ask for your billing zip code to verify your identity. Never give your account number or personal information over the phone to an unknown source.

Text Alerts

When potential fraud is detected, a text alert will be sent to the customer's mobile device with the option to confirm or deny fraud. 

If no response is received from the mobile device, the system will perform a lookup to determine if the customer's home and/or work number supports the text function. If so, the system will then send an alert to those numbers.

Text alerts are sent free to the end user and  will be delivered 7:00 am to 9 pm local time of the cardholder. All text alerts will be issued from the short code 32874.

Automated Phone Calls

An automated phone dialer will begin calling if a response to the text alert is not received within a defined time limit. The automated phone call will ask the cardholder to confirm his or her billing zip code. The cardholder can confirm transactions within the system or speak to an analyst. If the cardholder confirms fraud, they will be automatically connected with a fraud analyst.

Voice calls are placed between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm local time of the cardholder.

All customers are encouraged to add the Fraud Center to their contacts 1-800-417-4592.

* Please verify that we have your correct information on file by calling 1.888.680.2655 or by visiting a location near you.