22 Ag Tech Tools for Farmers and Ranchers

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Farming has always been a challenging occupation, but it can also be extremely rewarding. However long you’ve been running your ag business in Oklahoma, you’ve doubtless had to overcome a variety of obstacles like invasive insects or unpredictable weather. Luckily, the ag tech industry is busy coming up with solutions to the issues that have plagued farmers for centuries. These data-driven software platforms, apps, precision tools, and online marketplaces can help you improve the efficiency, profits, and health of your farm or ranch.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to any device, appliance, or piece of equipment that connects to Wi-Fi for easier monitoring and management, particularly remotely. For farmers, the Internet of Things can connect the various measurement and monitoring devices you use in the field and make that information accessible to you on your computer and mobile devices. So, wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your crops.

 In fact, you may already be using the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor variables like your fuel tank levels, soil moisture, rainfall, irrigation pumps, and/or cattle biometrics. The primary advantage of using IoT is the boost to your efficiency and decision-making abilities. With all of the necessary data at your fingertips, you can respond swiftly and intelligently to any issue that arises. 


Precision Farming

Precision farming, also known as precision agriculture, is expected to be the next big trend in ag tech. As with the Internet of Things, precision farming tools are Wi-Fi enabled to help you make better decisions and increase your profits while using fewer resources. Precision farming tools use satellite technology to help farmers observe, measure, and respond to variations in crop conditions to help you reap a greater harvest.

  • Machine Learning: Refers to a computer that can take its knowledge of a situation and make decisions accordingly. For example, a computer could survey your field and decide to spray weed killer on a particular patch.
  • Irrigation Control: Improve efficiency by reviewing the status of your irrigation system’s pivot performance, soil moisture sensing, weather, and other field data. Field data can be sent to mobile phones and computers for easy access on the go. 
  • Nitrogen Modeling: Instead of a single fertilizer application, these technological solutions can help you improve nutrient efficiency with multiple in-season applications as needed.
  • Electrical Conductivity Sensing: Optimize your water usage with data-driven decisions on when to water and how much. 
  • Precision Planting SmartFirmer: Track your plantings on a row-by-row basis with data on organic matter, soil moisture, and furrow residue.
  • New Leader NL5000 G5 Dry Nutrient Applicator with Swath Width Control: Apply fertilizer with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Robotics: Could offer improved efficiency, cost-savings, and a solution to labor shortages, particularly with high value and labor-intensive food crops.


Field Forecasting 

This technology uses dynamic data inputs in conjunction with weather forecasts and historical weather data to help farmers meet their yield goals more effectively.

  • Climate FieldView Drive™: Provides real-time data during your planting and harvesting seasons. Review population data and equipment speed, yield data, moisture, and equipment speed. Data is displayed over the map of your fields, so you can decide what to plant and where.
  • R7® Field Forecasting Tool: A web-based crop modeling system that simulates your crop growth and development based on data from your fields. Identify problems with nutrients and irrigation and act swiftly to address them.
  • See and Spray: This technology helps you manage your crops on an individual basis. Instead of treating all of your plants the same, you can spray herbicide only where it’s needed.
  • Autonomous Drone Technology: Instead of manually scouting your fields, you can simply push a button and view your pre-selected hot spots.
  • Natural Language Processing: Gives you the ability to input information and instructions to your devices without typing. Just as many people like to use voice recognition on their smart phones, farmers will appreciate the ease and convenience of this technology. 


Online Marketplaces

These online tools are designed to help you expand your reach beyond the local market to sell to other bidders.

  • Farmers Business Network: An independent network of North American farmers to help you compete with larger operations through pricing transparency. The FBN offers “better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing.” 
  • FarmLead: An online marketplace for buying and selling grain. Farmers can negotiate and transact directly with credit-approved buyers.
  • Full Harvest: A B2B marketplace for imperfect and surplus produce. Instead of letting your “ugly” produce go to waste, you can connect with food and beverage companies that want to buy it.
  • Granular: Data-driven software to help you manage the operation of your agribusiness with more efficiency, greater crop yields, and greater profit.
  • DTN Agronomic Platform: A data-driven solution for identifying changes in weather, soil, and crops and acting swiftly to save crop yields. 
  • Swiim: A customizable dashboard to help you monitor your farm’s irrigation, crops, and weather.
  • Trace Genomics: Soil analytics software to help you get the most from your fields.


Ag Tech Apps and Software

Some of these tools are designed for crop farmers while others are designed for cattle ranchers.

  • Bovcontrol: Software for animal-based agriculture businesses. Collect and analyze data to improve outcomes for your meat, milk, and genetics production.
  • CropX: Farm management software to help you increase efficiency in your use of water, fertilizer, energy, and labor.
  • FarmersEdge: Precision Digital Solutions for farm data, risk management, and the maximizing of farm profitability.


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