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Not to worry! The web address will automatically REDIRECT to our new online home, 

Why change to a .bank address? 

  • Only the URL will change, but this effort incorporates additional security enhancements to our site that will better protect our customers. We take the security of our customers very seriously. 
  • The .bank web address is only open to banks verified by their regulator, offering an additional layer of security that other domains such as .com do not. This provides peace of mind that our customers are accessing a legitimate bank website.


What are the additional security benefits? 

  • A verified and authentic web address that reduces phishing and malicious emails. 
  • A more detailed verification process that better identifies cyber criminals and denies them the right to obtain a .bank address.

Please note: Customers should not see any disruption of service with this change to a .bank address. At this time, this will not affect our current online and mobile banking experience.