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Stronger Together. 

On the weekend of March 20th, Republic Bank & Trust accounts will transfer to Armstrong Bank. We are thrilled to join the Norman, Noble, and Oklahoma City communities and are honored to be your trusted banking partner. 

As we transition Republic Bank & Trust to Armstrong Bank, we feel confident we will be able to serve the communities we love more effectively with even better technology and enhanced products. We are fiercely committed to you and to ensuring your transition to the Armstrong Bank is seamless. 

To learn more, please click here to view our Welcome Guidebook, which we hope serves as a helpful resource during this transition.
Please note: Customers receiving funds from the government should continue to receive them through Republic Bank & Trust's routing number for several months beyond the merger date. 

Welcome to the family! We're so glad you're here. 

August 29, 2019


Chuck Thompson – Republic Bank & Trust

Billy Taylor – Armstrong Bank

Republic Bank & Trust and Armstrong Bank to Merge

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – Chuck Thompson, CEO of Republic Bank & Trust, Dr. Sinclair Armstrong,
Jr., Chairman of Ironhorse Financial Group, and Billy Taylor, CEO of Armstrong Bank, announced
today that their respective Boards of Directors have entered into a definitive agreement for
Republic Bank & Trust to merge with Armstrong Bank, pending standard regulatory approvals.
Both banks have been owned and operated as sister banks under common ownership since 1988
and under the same holding company, Ironhorse Financial Group, since 2006. The merger will
combine both banks under a common charter with no change in ownership.

The transaction is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2020. At that time, the banking
systems will be converted to a common system, and both banks will merge under the Armstrong
Bank name.

“As the landscape of banking changes, it is imperative that we continue making choices that allow
us to offer outstanding and innovative banking services for our valued customers,” Chuck
Thompson said. “By merging the organizations, we will be able to streamline our efforts, and
therefore serve the communities we love more effectively with even better technology and
enhanced products. Although this endeavor will take time, we are truly excited to work together to
make this transition successful and seamless for everyone involved.”

With an asset size of $566 million at the end of June 2019, Republic Bank & Trust currently
operates five locations in Norman (3), Noble (1), and Oklahoma City (1). The merger will take
Armstrong Bank’s total asset size to more than $1.5 billion, and with the addition of Republic’s five
locations, Armstrong’s footprint will spread over 26 locations throughout Northeast/Central
Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas.

“The opportunity to expand our footprint in Oklahoma through the merger of Republic Bank &
Trust with Armstrong Bank is exciting, but the reason behind the decision to combine our efforts
goes far beyond that,” Billy Taylor said. “While Republic Bank & Trust came under the same
majority ownership as Armstrong Bank in 1988, Armstrong Bank has been owned and operated by
the Armstrong family for more than 110 years. With unwavering integrity and family-focused
ideals, both banks work hard to support activities and programs that enrich the quality of life in our
schools and neighborhoods, and we can promise that type of commitment to our communities will
continue. Our customers can be assured that we will continue to offer the same exceptional
customer service and access to innovative financial products that they know, expect, and deserve.”

Customers of both banks should conduct banking as usual at their locations of choice until the
banks are officially merged and converted. All affected customers will receive notifications in
advance regarding the newly enhanced opportunities for banking services. In the meantime,
Republic Bank & Trust customers should contact their local Republic bankers with questions.

Armstrong Bank (Armstrong.Bank) and Republic Bank & Trust (Rbt.com) are community-focused
financial services institutions offering exceptional customer care and expansive suites of financial
products and services. Founded in 1909, Armstrong Bank is family-owned and operated with more
than 20 locations in Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas. Republic was formed in 1988 by
the same ownership and currently offers five banking centers in Cleveland County.