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COVID-19 Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payments | Second Round

updated 1/7/21 

IRS Stimulus Payment Press Release 01/04/2021

The U.S. Government is currently issuing the second round of stimulus payments.

To check the status of your payment and get the most up-to-date information on stimulus payments, please visit the IRS site. If the site is offline, please continue monitoring for updates. Unfortunately, we do not know when a stimulus payment will hit your account.

A Few Things to Note:

  • H&R Block. On January 4, H&R Block announced that they are still processing payments from the IRS and that some customers who took a Refund Transfer may see an account number they don’t recognize on the IRS website. H&R Block further stated that they sent stimulus payments to the method customers chose for their Refund Transfer. If H&R Block prepared your taxes, you may contact H&R Block with questions.
  • Non-Receipt Claim. If you did not use H&R Block, but saw on the IRS website that your stimulus payment was deposited into the wrong account number, we cannot redirect these payment on our end so you will need to file a non-receipt claim with the IRS.

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Stimulus Check Status

Has My Stimulus Check Arrived?
Check Your Bank Account. If you are trying to see if your stimulus check has been deposited into your account, please check after 9 AM on weekdays. We process all direct deposits (ACH transactions) by 9 AM, Monday through Friday. If you do not see your payment posted by 9 AM, please check back on the next business day after 9 AM.
Set Up Deposit Alerts. Get notified when your stimulus check, or any other transaction, goes through when you are enrolled in Digital Banking by setting up deposit alerts in your account settings. Click here to to enroll in digital banking.

Has My Stimulus Check Been Issued?
Click here to check directly with the IRS to see the status of your stimulus check. Check this site often if you are looking for your payment. Unfortunately, we do not have any insight as to when, or if, you will receive a stimulus payment.

New Customer? Please update routing & account numbers.

If you are a new Armstrong Bank customer, please read below to see your customer group. You may need to update the IRS with Armstrong Bank's routing number and your new Armstrong Bank account number.  Armstrong Bank’s routing number is 103104528, and your Armstrong Bank account number can be found on your checks*, in Digital Banking**, or by asking an Armstrong Banker.

Former Vast Bank Customers
We have extended the agreement with Vast to ensure any stimulus payments are redirected to your Armstrong Bank account. However, there may be an additional day or two delay in order for these to be processed. Additionally, if you closed your account with us since the transition from Vast, your payment will be returned to the IRS.

Former Grand Bank Customers 
You will not have any issues related to the Armstrong Bank routing number or account number changes.

Former Republic Bank & Trust Customers
You won't have any issues related to the Armstrong Bank routing number or account number changes.

All Other New Customers
If you switched to Armstrong Bank in 2020, please confirm with the IRS that your Armstrong Bank account information is on file. Please update your bank information with the IRS when filing your 2020 taxes as the IRS did not provide a method to update bank information for this second round of stimulus payments.  

Locating Your Account Number:
*Checks: Your account number is printed just to the right of the routing number, which is the first set of numbers printed on the left side on the bottom of your checks.
**Digital Banking: You can see your account number for a specific account when you select the account via online banking at or in our mobile app. Your account number is listed immediately above our routing number.


Avoid Stimulus Check Scams

The IRS urges taxpayers to be on the lookout for scam artists trying to use the economic impact payments as cover for schemes to steal personal information and money. Remember, the IRS will not call, text you, email you or contact you on social media asking for personal or bank account information – even related to the economic impact payments. Also, watch out for emails with attachments or links claiming to have special information about economic impact payments or refunds.

Armstrong Bank will never ask you for your personal or financial information (including PIN and one-time passcodes) via text, email, or unsolicited phone call.