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Mobile Security Tips

At Armstrong Bank, we recognize that the convenience of your mobile device can't be beat. While we strongly encourage the use of your mobile device to conduct your banking needs, we also encourage security measures. Your mobile devices including your smartphones, laptops and tablets, contain personal information that should remain secure. Please be advised of the security measures suggested below. 

Protect your Information:

Think Smart - Technology is more advanced than ever before with the ability to store your information. Information can include: interests, shopping habits, browsing history, and contact information. Be smart about entering that information into mobile applications and sharing it with outside parties. 

Think Secure - Use unique passwords or Fingerprint Authentication features to secure your mobile devices. Simple security measures can help protect your personal information.

Think Suspicious - Before connecting to public wireless networks and hot spots, consider the possible dangers. Public wireless networks are not secure and leave you, and your information, vulnerable. When utilizing public networks, avoid logging into personal accounts such as: financial institutions accounts, email, and social media. 

Think Savvy - Various retail locations have the ability to track your mobile behaviors when in range of their location via your Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Be savvy about your phone's capabilities. The best way to deter tracking of your personal mobile use is to turn off these features when they are not in use. 

Quick Tips:

Stay up to date - The most up to date versions of your operating system, security software, and mobile applications help protect your device. 

Stay organized - If you are no longer using an app that has been downloaded to your device, consider removing it. It is easy to forget about applications and the access that they offer to your personal information. It is a good security practice to discard any unused apps.